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Artículo: Winter Nails That Say Luxury

a woman choosing nail polish color in a nail salon
Beauty Trends

Winter Nails That Say Luxury

It's winter, and that means it's time to get ready for the cold weather. Not just your wardrobe, but also with your nails! We’ve highlighted not-so-common nail colors for winter. Aside from the browns, plums and darker shades, here are lighter colors that says “winter luxury”. These colors are perfect for the colder months because they are more subtle and can be worn regardless of your skin tone.

Here are the top 3 winter nail colors to try this season:

The Little Blue Box

Light and baby blue polishes are perfect for winter and will go well with any outfit. Inspired by Tiffany & Co.’s little blue box, you can create amazing nail art paired with white polish and a touch of glitter to represent jewels.

Lavender Frosting

We often associate lavender with spring, but this color is perfect if you want something in the middle of dark and bright. It has a beautiful purple hue to it and will look great on any skin tone.

Snow Storm

White and cream nail polishes are the perfect base to winter nail art. These colors are perfect if you're looking to give yourself an icy look this winter. Add a translucent glitter to get that snowflake effect.


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