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Article: 4 Style Essentials for the Digital Nomad

a woman working on a computer at a cafe
Style Essentials

4 Style Essentials for the Digital Nomad

In the midst of the pandemic, the world continued to function while we worked from home, exposing the toxic office culture. By choosing remote careers, people can work from anywhere in the world, freeing up time to spend on other activities. It was the rise of the digital nomad, ladies and gentlemen! It was during lockdown that nomads got their flowers, although they have been around for years.

My personal experience as a nomad has taught me that I don't need a complete wardrobe, but rather something that makes me feel like I'm working while also feeling relaxed,,,,,,and yet also feeling free. My list of essentials for the "nomad wardrobe" has evolved over time, and I have come up with a few must-haves that meet all those requirements.

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